Floor Finishes for Warehouses

Find technicians - Service Repairman Blogs - Warehouses have specifically designated areas that require enhanced protection. The following are common warehouse areas that can benefit from epoxy floor coatings:. ..More

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Advantages of Using Fast-Curing Resin Floor Systems

Find master contractors - Blog With Contractors - Areas where public safety is a top concern need flooring to match. Exceptionally durable and safe flooring that contributes to unit pride need not take overly long to install and cure. Fast-curing resin floors can achieve high performance benefits in the necessitated minimal time. ..More

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Developing Floor Specifications for Your Facility

Local industrial contractors - Repairman Blog Pages - . When writing a facility floor specification, know whether foot, rubber wheeled or steel wheeled traffic is the norm.    What types of carts, vehicles or loads will travel through the space and how often?  Special high wear finishes are available for steel wheels; heavy duty flooring is needed when high point loads are involved.   Consider, too, the types of shoes worn.   Spiked athletic shoes require different floor surfaces than do rubber soled work boots. Selection of a floor’s epoxy coating also depends on the type and frequency of traffic the flooring system will receive ..More

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Protect Your Facility with ESD Epoxy Flooring

10 Best reputed technicians - Forums For Dummies - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . He or she will have the expertise to determine which areas of your facility need which types of resinous ESD flooring and will be able to answer any other questions you may have about epoxy and urethane floor finishes. Your specialist will also be able to recommend an approved, local installation team for your ESD floor care system. After you’ve decided on a seamless, fluid-applied ESD floor coating for your facility, contact a certified epoxy flooring specialist ..More

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Why Seamless Flooring is a Must for Healthcare

Locate residential contractors - Home Contractor Forums - .   Multiple departments, clinics and labs make getting around complicated.   Professional installation specialists can embed easy to see way finding messages, organizational logos and traffic pathways into epoxy flooring, providing useful navigational guidance to patients and their families. A large medical facility can seem like a maze to the first time visitor ..More

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