New Year, New Carpet, New You.

Service Expert commercial contractors - Service Expert Blogs - Now that it’s 2016, many people are thinking about what they can change or enhance in their life. . Staying healthy is the most common resolution that people decide to pursue, and with good reason ..More

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Protect Your Facility with ESD Epoxy Flooring

Search and locate commercial contractors - Pro Blog Service Pages - Oil and chemical production, laser technology, food production, pharmaceutical processing areas and many other operations benefit from the anti-static properties of ESD floor systems. While manufacturing plants, including ones that produce automotive equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, avionics and more, commonly utilize conductive or ESD epoxy floors and urethane finishes, many other facilities also rely on this type of flooring. . Control rooms and other areas that house complex computer systems profit from a similar design approach, with static control flooring in place of standard floor coverings that could otherwise contribute to system failures. For example, healthcare clinics and hospitals house a vast array of sensitive machinery and electronic equipment, requiring optimal flooring that safely dissipates electrostatic charges from the space ..More

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Developing Floor Specifications for Your Facility

Local professional contractors - Diagnosis & Repair Forums - C. O. Because even slight odor can affect sensitive individuals, concrete flooring experts recommend removing personnel from the immediate installation area during floor installation.   Many are considered to be low odor during installation, while others can be more noticeable.  Once cured, resinous flooring is inert, with absolutely no emissions. . Today’s epoxy top coating materials are nearly all solvent-free, containing zero V ..More

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Floor Finishes for Warehouses

Service Expert emergency contractors - Contractor Blogs - Concrete dusting is unavoidable for uncoated floors, yet it can cause costly damage.  Conducting day-to-day operations on bare concrete floors results in a phenomenon known as “concrete dusting”, wherein trafficking over the uncoated surface produces a fine powder that gets continually released into the air.   In other situations, the dust can coat, enter and damage important manufacturing equipment. For some facilities, the dust may simply be an aesthetic concern that covers warehoused items in a layer that looks dirty and unclean. Inhalation of dust can also cause health risks to employees, making it a liability for the company. . Dust from unsealed concrete floors may seem harmless, but it can often create multiple hazards for a facility, operations and even staff ..More

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Why Choose Epoxy Over Cement Floors?

Directory listing of commercial contractors - Talk Repair - Forums - Epoxy floor coatings come in a variety of standard and one-of-a-kind colors, blends and design combinations. While some business owners may accept this, most desire a more distinctive look. Cement floors with the right decorative epoxy coating can help to show off any business to its best advantage. . Bare cement floors offer little variety ..More

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