Forum Title: Matching an old fir floor
Customer added on to their home to get more closet space and a large new bathroom. The home was built in 1929 and looks to have a fir floor. The old floor had been sanded lightly and was done this way to preserve it old look. The floor boards are kind of mottled in color, lights and darks on all the boards. ....a little darker on the edges of some, with lighter splotches here and there. For kicks and giggles, I stained a 3 inch wide strip of plywood that I had with me, and using 4 different stains, I made a board that looked pretty close to the home's flooring. Homeowner isn't expecting perfection................ he was actually thinking of layin in some floating floor to fill this area, and we all know this wouldn't come even remotely close to matching the old floor. He just wants the dropped off area filled of the addition filled in with something. Here's the story. There is now a 3/4 inch drop where the old fir floor ends and the small addition starts. By small, I mean that the area in question is a 4 foot wide area 10 feet long at the end of the bedroom by the closets. My idea was to straighten the ends of the old boards, then install a header board, then lay the new floor boards from the header to the closet doors. My idea was to distress the new fir boards a little bit with a scraper, belt sander and orbital sander and pre finish the boards before nailing them in place. By pre finish, I mean stain, then put one coat of finish on the floor. After installation, sand a bit more if needed, then put on at least one more coat of finish.My real question here is about the t&g fir flooring. These are meant to be installed then finish sanded. I'm wondering how much ledging the boards will have if I finish them first, then nail them in later. If the boards are relatively close to smooth after nailing in place, then this ledging won't be an issue at all since the boards won't all fit perfectly tight together anyway............ the old floor has it's gaps, so I will try to duplicate that look installing the new boards. This is a rustic look, and that's what I am trying to duplicate. I'll set up my etch-a -sketch to make a layout so you can see more of what I'm tryin to do.
Category: Flooring Post By: WENDY VARGAS (Arlington, VA), 03/07/2019

High & Higher.....up. There's places that sell reclaimed wood. I bet there's one close to you , your in wood country. Best thing going for ya is it's old and destressed already. Find some that looks similar and in width, thickness and lightly hit the edges with the belt sander or ROS. The do your staining and finishing. Of course play with some scraps first.

- MARIO HOWELL (High Point, NC), 04/29/2019

If it's only a 4x10 area why not just nail in some 3/4 plywood first ?

- CATHY DAVIDSON (Fresno, CA), 05/14/2019

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